Seattle / Tacoma lies along the Puget Sound and is a population center of Washington. We only had a day, so we decided on the Space Needle and Pike’s Market.

Space Needle

The Space Needle was built for the 1962 World’s Fair. As you wait you can learn all about the construction. The top is an all glass observation disk. You can walk around and see Seattle from above. Just one floor down is an enclosed observation deck that rotates. About one full rotation in one hour.

Here we are looking down!
The platform does rotate and Kylie and Alyssa wanted to see how long they’d last.

Pike’s Market

Down by the wharf, Pikes Market is the place to to explore for food and crafts. Of all the food we enjoyed, the chowder at the crab shack and the cheese at the cheese factory were the favorites.

The Crab Shack
Beecher’s Handmade Cheese

Hidden in an ally at the end of Pike’s Place is the hall of gum. For decades people have been sticking their used gum to the walls of the alley. Locals don’t like, but it certainly attracts visitors from all around.

Kylie and Alyssa find the Gum Wall mesmerizing
image_67508481 (1)I found it tasty!
Pipes were decorated along with the wall
Art, beauty, and disgust are in the eye of the beholder

One comment

  1. What fun! Gum wall hilarious! Disgusting, but hilarious! You guys certainly know how to end summer with a bang! Xoxox Mom



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