We wanted to do a multi-day trek in Nepal seeing as it the mecca of trekking worldwide.  Our start point was Nagarkot.

At 2175 meters (7135 feet), it was chilly in the winter to say the least.  We spent two days hiking around this mountain town.  Even though the air quality was 80 AQI, it was far better than the air quality in the lowlands which ranged from 200-300.  80 was still hazy.

Panoramic Trail

We hiked the panorama trail in two sections.  On the first day we hiked along the nature trail then up the road to our hotel, going clockwise around half the trail.  On the second day we hiked counterclockwise around the trail.  The second day we had amazing views of the Himalayas.  Each day we spent about two hours hiking.

Panoramic Trail: A stunning view of the Lantang Mountains of the Himalayas
A goat herder watching their flock
A shepherd tending to his cow and two goats.
A typical view of the steppes in the Himalayas.  Kilometers upon kilometers of stepped agriculture with houses and settlements visible through the haze.

Around town

This small alpine town was ready for tourism.  There were many hotels and quite a few eateries.   There were a few roads through town that were a mix of dirt and worn pavement.  Most tourists here were Nepalese, as it was a popular overnight destination.

The nights were clear and even though the moon was full, many stars could be seen.  Also by looking out across the valley, lights dotted valley and terraced slopes.  It made it look like the star show continued past the terrestrial barrier.

Although there was a clear sector of the economy built around servicing tourists, it was also clear that the majority of people lived a less flashy mountain lifestyle.  Ongoing construction was everywhere.  Whether it was new hotels, or upgrades

Housing was varied here in the steppes of Himalayas.  Some, like this one, here nothing more than corrugated metal lean-tos.
Kylie fishes in the abyss.
Two men returning from the forest with fuel.
A woman returns from the forest with greens for her livestock.
A mud brick and stone house in Nagarkot  A mix of old style building technology with a satellite connection to the modern world.

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