Bali – Food

Balinese food provided a rich and flavorful alternative to the Vegimite of Australia.

Sharleen ate as many of the traditional dishes as she could. I ate a lot of mixed vegetables, and the girls could not eat enough.

Every morning we started with crepes, jaffle (toast with fruit baked between bread), fruit, eggs, and tea. The fruit juices were awesome! Mie Goreng (fried noodle)
Chicken Curry Chicken Satay Babi Guling : Suckling pig variety plate
Chap Cay (mixed vegetables) Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice) Chap Cay (A different kind)
Bean Sprout Chicken Tofu Curry Soyo Ayum (chicken soup)

The fruits were pretty good also.  We had mangosteens, papaya, and salaaca.

Mangosteen is considered the queen of fuits. Very sweet and slightly tart.  Each little wedge was a mouth party.
Salaaca tasted like a tart version of durian less the smell all wrapped in a snake skin.

It may seem like we did nothing but eat. You’d be wrong to think that. We took naps and swam under a waterfall. Damn, travelling is hard.

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