Rio – Jardim Botânico

Alyssa and Kylie pose in front of the fountain of the muses.

Jardim Botânico

On the Southern edge of Parque Tiju at the base lies Rio’s Botanical Gardens.   The park is almost double the size of Singapore’s Botanical Garden; however a sizable chunk has no walking paths as they preserve this area for the Atlantic Rainforest.  The shady paths and frequent benches provided a great way to stroll the day away.  We saw marmosets and quite a few tropical birds.

Tucked away from the chaos of the coronavirus craze that was sweeping the world, we enjoyed our time here not knowing but feeling that this would be our last experience together abroad on this trip.

Ariel Toucan
Officially a green headed tanager….although it looks like it has a blue head.
A marmoset.  These cute little guys were the size of a squirrel.


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