IMIRE Maintenance and Repair

Maintenance and Repair

The work of conservation is hard and expensive.  As a volunteers, we participated in maintenance and upkeep.

There was no shortage of work to be done.  On one day we helped repair a fence and on another we helped build supports for newly planted trees.  The trees were to provide shade for a new waterhole to reduce evaporation.  The girls loved using a machete to chop poles!

Alyssa reattaches a fence to a newly replaced fence pole
Kylie wields a machete helping trim branches of a support pole we’ll use later
Debarking poles
We used the debarked poles to support newly planted trees.  Another group would come later to weave grass walls to protect the fledgling trees from the winter frost.
This was a newly dub waterhole for wildlife animals.  Planting trees around the perimeter would help reduce evaporation rates.  Rain would fill it over time.

Survival Skills

It wasn’t all work!  Our guide Trymore drove us to a remote part of the park and gave us a survival skill challenge: “Build a shelter.”  Kylie and I employed a different strategy from Sharleen and Alyssa.  We tried to build a tree fort to get up off the ground level (conveniently in a toilet paper tree), while Sharleen and Alyssa build theirs on the ground and focused on concealment and using plants to keep the mosquitoes away.

I can barely see them!

Zimbabwe background
IMIRE: Ranger Patrols and Conservation
IMIRE: Maintenance and Repair
IMIRE: Community Outreach
IMIRE: Reflections (Link TBD)


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