Mahibadhoo Snorkeling

Kylie holds a Spotted Linckia

We spent most of our time on the island snorkeling on the west end.  On this island there wasn’t much coral growing.  There were giant piles of dead coral underwater with plenty of fish chewing on the bones, but not as much live corral as I had thought.  There was some, but it was mostly a bone pile around the section where we snorkeled.

That said, we were treated to phenomenal displays of fish life.  There were some fish we had seen before along with new fish species.  The waters were remarkably clear, and made for excellent viewing.  We were able to photograph and document over 40 species of fish in just a few hours.  Here are some of our favorites:

Snowflake Moray Eel
Oriental Sweetlips
Elegant Unicorn Fish
Peacock Grouper
Honeycomb Grouper
Contact with motionless Scorpion Fish can cause severe to life threatening poisoning. Can you see it? It is well hidden.
Regal Angelfish

On of my favorite things to do was to dive down and get real close to the deeper corral.  I got the best reactions from fish.

“What the heck is that down here”  “I dunno flaps,  I’ve never seen one of those!”

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