Bunk Beds in a bus!

I had never heard of a sleeper bus until Katie mentioned them in Shilin.  “You’ve got to try them, the service is great!”  When we arrived in Vietnam, every tour operator had pictures of sleeper buses.  To me they looked a little like cattle cars with a recliner, but what is a bus anyway.

Leaving Hue to Hoi An we booked a bus and to the kid’s delight, it was a sleeper bus.  There were three rows of bunk beds with the back seats being 5 across, top and bottom –  46 passengers in all.  Every seat was occupied by reclining travelers making their way south.  We had to take our shoes off before entering and find a bunk-seat.  The seats were vinyl, so my legs stuck a little, and from the knee down my legs had to slide into a little compartment behind the person reclining in front of me.  My feet were too big to be upright so I had to tilt them pointing in or out to fit.  It was a little uncomfortable for me, but the kids loved it!

We stopped once for a 30 minute break and even more people got on laying in the aisles.

It certainly wasn’t first class, but it was a unique way to travel.

3 by 2 by 6 plus 5 by 2 =  46 passengers!

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