Cui Hu (Green Lake Park)

We took another down day and went to Cui Hu Park (Green Lake Park).  We took the metro to Jiaosanqiao station.  After I got a little lost we found our way to Green Lake Park (Cui Hu).  A huge lotus filled lake with fish lined our entrance from the East Gate.

There was more water than land in this park.  Pathways went into the center land mass like spokes on a bicycle wheel.  Parts of the park had music, rides, and games.  We opted to paddle boat around the lakes and under the bridges.

Alyssa and Kylie paddleboat around Green Lake.

Alyssa successfully navigated under four bridges without sinking the boat — Driver’s Education 101.  I was particularly impressed with her avoidance of all the other crazy kid drivers of motorized boats.  I was less trilled with her bumping the boat along the sides of tunnels.  (It’s not like we lost a side mirror of a car or anything).  Kylie’s boundless energy help power the boat.

Coi and Carp were happy to be fed

We bought some fish food and fed the coi and carp and played some games.  Like our other park experiences, time slipped away, and although we left our place at 10AM, we didn’t get back until 7PM.

Dense lotus crowded the East Gate entrance.

We’ve done so much, just one third of our way into a year and it still feels like time keeps on slipping into the future.

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