Kenai Fjords – Seward Alaska

After Whittier we wanted a different perspective on the Alaskan Glaciers. We took a boat cruise throughout the various fjords near Seward.   The size and scope of the glaciers are difficult to explain to people.   Absolutely massive and stunning, the glaciers filled the entire peripheral vision of an onlooker.  The boats don’t get too close because waves caused by calving may cause real problems.

A passenger ship is dwarfed by the size of this glacier.

The captain of the ship motored the crew around to the Bear Glacier, the Holgate Glacier and the Penderson Glacier.  Although each was different and represented a different types of topology and flow, they were all receding.  The captain filled us in on stories of what the glaciers used to look like.

At one point next to the glacier the captain idled the engine way down.  Everyone on the boat heard cracks and creaks as the boat moved close to the glacier.    He pulled up a chunk of ice floating in the water: “This ice is thousands of years old.  It represents snowfall from another time.  Taste it, taste a pure water from a time before fossil fuel pollutants.”  Some people chipped pieces of it into their drinks.  Alyssa, Kylie, Sharleen, and I all licked a piece.

Time moves differently in these parts.   Sea otters float by.  Seal rests on the ice flows. Mures and other seabirds go about their business.  The hustle and bustle lifestyle melts away, leaving visitors time to appreciate the calmness of time.   I couldn’t help but wonder what will happen here and how many more generations of visitors will bear witness to some of Earth’s greatest creations.

Our visit to Exit Glacier moved us even more. (Click Here)

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