Whitehorse – A dog kennel experience

Muktuk adventures was the perfect spot for a family with two youngsters.  The good people at Muktuk raise and train Huskies for dog sledding.   Just west of Whitehorse, we took the dirt road that wound through forest to the Muktuk lodge.  Immediately out front are nearly a hundred dogs tethered to their own dog house.  A few roam free, but most are tied up.  Growing up on a farm where the animals roam, I wrestled emotionally with this setup.    Dogs were on a schedule, diet, and a strict routine.  A good portion of their life revolved around the 10 meters or so around their shelter.    Part of the experience was caring for the dogs.  And in this Alyssa and Kylie excelled. Every morning and evening they had to feed and water the dogs. They also had clean up the poop.

Aside from helping with the dogs we got to explore the property which was situated on the Takahini River. In the afternoon, I explored the river and got to watch a beaver going about his daily business.

In the small cabin we stayed in, the bathroom was an outhouse. While sitting there taking care of our own business, squirrels and chipmunks would come down to spectate.

In the end, the dog’s life wasn’t too bad.  No different than a horse in a corral or a sheep in a paddock.

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