Haines Alaska

We exited the inter-coastal ferry at Haines.  The people renting a car to us met us at the ferry.  If they hadn’t, walking would have taken a awhile.  Things are spread out in Alaska.  They recommended visiting Chilkoot Lake nestled in the Haines State Forest .  After being in Juneau, this felt more like the Alaska I was expecting.   A beautiful sprawling lake, eagles catching fish, dense forest, and clean air.   Absolutely stunning.  We puddled along a bit looking at the campsites and skipping rocks and admiring the lake’s outlet.  We watched a group fishing:  A grandfather, daughter, and grandson.  Alyssa and Kylie had never been fishing so they were mesmerized.  Then the unexpected happened, they offered the girls a chance to cast and catch a few of the local fish: Dolly Varden Trout.  The fish supply is so plentiful that within minutes, each girls got to catch a trout.

This kindness showed by these strangers set the tone for the rest of the trip.  So far the people of Alaska were kind and welcoming.

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