Sydney and the Blue Mountains

Sydney Bridge

We showed up early to be briefed on safety and get some minimal training. Although the bridge was not steep, the outfit running tours clearly did not want any accidents. This was no fly-by-night operation. We harnessed up walked out to start our ascent. The slope was gradual, and there were high railings along the way. It was no where near as dangerous as other experiences, and the harnesses were clearly in placed for an exaggerated sense of safety. At the top were were treated to a fantastic view of the harbor.

Sydney Harbor

After our Bridge outing we walked along the Farm Cove to Mrs Macquarie’s Chair to get different views of the Sydney Opera House (Also a UNESCO world Heritage site). Eventually our tour of the opera house started and our guide treated us to a history of the building, and some of its unique architectural contributions. In one area we got to see the symphony rehearsing. The sound was amazing. We left the tour craving Chinese food. We had to visit the world famous Sydney China town. Perhaps we are spoiled with San Francisco and Oakland China town, but Sydney’s china town at two by three blocks just wasn’t that big to us.

Blue Mountains

We took public transportation from Sydney to Featherdale.   There is something about petting and feeding cute cuddly animals that is just too hard to pass up.

Emus, Kangaroos, Wallabies, and even Koalas. We definitely got our inner kid on at this place. Sadly it only lasted an hour and we continued with the the public transportation out to the Blue Mountains.

The Blue Mountains were listed as a UNESCO world heritage site in 2000.  With only a few hours there we hiked the ridge out to the three sisters outcropping and took some pictures. Time. There is never enough. More in one place meant less in another. We took in a beautiful sunset and saw an IMAX movie about the area at a newly built IMAX theater. In there we learned about the newly rediscovered Wollemia Pine tree discovered in a secluded canyon. This tree was thought to be extinct until a small grove was discovered. Although it isn’t quite nature making a comeback, it was still neat to hear about. Our time here was too short and looking down into the lush biodiversity-filled canyon made me want to stay and explore a few more days. However, we had a whole new country to explore the next day.

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